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The Value of Time
By Mike Shoun, CEO

We only have so much of it, and everyone has an equal amount to share. You can’t bank it, but you can surely invest it. Some waste it, while others spend theirs wisely. Once used up, you can never get it back. What am I talking about? Time.  

This past weekend we had our Fall Retreat, and the topic was “Time, Efficiency and Productivity.” Not everyone understood the value of time until the games began. I for one was intrigued by how one game showed us the difference in what each person thought 30 seconds was. The game started with everyone’s eyes closed and we were all standing. The timer started and our instructor told us to sit down after what we thought was 30 seconds. Interestingly, everyone sat down at different times. And even more intriguing was that each thought the 30 seconds was really long. 

Thirty seconds doesn’t seem long, but when used wisely a lot can get done. The next step was two minutes – which seemed like an eternity. This time the range of what people thought was two minutes was incredibly different. It got me thinking about how valuable time was and how this principle should be applied in business.

Each of us has a choice in what we do each day. We execute our decisions in different ways. What is valuable to one is worthless to another. Knowing that time is valuable and you can’t get any of it back once spent, my mission is to help others understand that if they use their time wisely, success shall follow.

Marketing is my expertise and dentistry is my clients’. My goal is to teach clients that their time should be spent on things that make them money, rather than worrying about the details of how to get a marketing piece done. When time is spent making sure the day-to-day operations of the practice are running efficiently, production will increase and there will be enough time in the day to execute a specific plan. I would like all my clients to take a look at their inefficiencies and see where they can spend more time on one item and less on another. 

Taking stock in your own practice allows you to see where you need help. Hiring an expert to handle situations that are outside your expertise will not only allow you to know the task is being handled properly, but will allow you to focus on dentistry. 

I hear over and over again from doctors that they have someone on staff to handle their marketing and they don’t need help. But I must remind these doctors that their “marketing” person was hired to answer phones or process insurance, and their expertise is far from marketing a practice. This to me seems like a waste of valuable time. A marketing plan should be taken seriously so serious results can be obtained.

Having team members perform jobs that they are not trained to do will only cause a practice to suffer. The quality of performance will be low, and the job they are trying to do will be ineffective. Getting patients in the door is no easy task, but with the proper marketing techniques and guidance from a professional, it is well worth the investment of money and time.

Having a strong marketing system makes you money. How well are you investing in yours? My suggestion is to evaluate what you are doing and who is doing it in your office, along with outside vendors. Analyze your results on what is being done, and most importantly, who is doing it. Many doctors find that lack of follow-up or commitment from their staff members has sabotaged their whole marketing strategy. The staff usually can’t complete tasks because they are pulled away to do their “real” jobs. This is not how marketing should be done. Your investment matters. Time and money.

We work with many partners in the industry who can help any practice achieve its goals. I highly recommend that these partners be utilized for their expertise so you can do what you do best; dentistry. 

Mike Shoun is the President and Owner of Affordable Image Dental Marketing Solutions - a full service marketing company dedicated to the client's overall success. 

Mike can be reached at (602) 265-2299 ext. 211, or email mike@affordableimage.com

Visit www.affordableimage.com for more information

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