Dr. Tom Snyder

Dr. Thomas Snyder is a nationally known speaker, author, consultant and Director of Transition Services of Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, who has been advising dentists for more than 30 years in areas relating to practice transitions, strategic planning, practice and financial management. Dr. Snyder received his DMD from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Dental Medicine and his MBA from The Wharton School of Business. He is also a regular contributor to Dental Economics.

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Sally McKenzie, CEO

Sally McKenzie is CEO of McKenzie Management, a nationwide dental management, practice development and educational consulting firm. Working on-site with dentists since 1980, McKenzie Management provides knowledge, guidance and personalized solutions that have propelled thousands of general and specialty practices to realize their potential. She is a contributing editor to Dentistry Today and the Publisher of The New Dentist magazine.

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Mike Shoun, CEO

Mike Shoun is President and Founder of Affordable Image, a Nationwide Dental Marketing Firm. For 17 years Mike and his Creative Team at Affordable Image have been creating successful marketing campaigns and logos, branding and websites for Dental Practices all across the United States through the best and worst economies in the last 50 years. He and his team know how to help practices grow in any economy in any situation from Start Ups to Practices that have been around for 30 plus years that are struggling or doing well and want to do better.

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Jason Wood, Esq.

Jason Patrick Wood is a partner in the Law Firm of Wood & Delgado. Jason's primary emphasis is on business transactions for dentists and doctors: leases, purchase agreements, partnership agreements, shareholders agreements, corporations, associate agreements and other business-related legal needs. Prior to joining Wood & Delgado, Jason worked in Washington, D.C. for the Speaker of the House in connection with Presidential and U.S. Congressional campaigns and thereafter he worked for the U.S. House of Representatives, drafting legislation for various House committees.

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Michael Blitstein, CPA

Michael W. Blitstein, CPA is a partner with the firm of CJBS, LLC, in Northbrook, Illinois. For more than 30 years, Michael has worked closely with the dental community and is intimately familiar with the unique professional and regulatory challenges of creating, running and maintaining a successful dental practice. Michael advises his clients on tax, business and retirement planning, developing short and long-term strategic plans designed to achieve success for dental practice principals and their businesses.

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Mohsen Ghoreishi, CEO/President of The Kohan Group

Mohsen Ghoreishi is the CEO and President of The Kohan Group, Inc. He has 18 years of experience in Architectural/Design practice working on healthcare facilities, specifically dental office design and construction management. Mohsen established the Dental Office Design Team at Kohan in 2005. He has selected a dedicated team of professional architects and engineers at Kohan and ever since he has designed many dental offices nationally. Much of his work is located at the greater San Francisco bay area. Mohsen holds a master degree in architecture and is credited with several awards in designing different facilities. Mohsen also is an author for several of the reputable Dental journals in the United States. You can reach Mohsen via e-mail at . Please find more information on The Kohan Group Inc. on line at

Ali Oromchian, JD

Ali Oromchian, JD, LL.M., is the founding attorney of the Dental & Medical Counsel, P.C. law firm and is renowned for his expertise in legal matters pertain­ing to dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, and physicians, including but not limited to practice tran­sitions, employment law, estate planning, partner­ship agreements, and lease negotiations.

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Scott McDonald

Scott McDonald is president of Scott McDonald & Associates and Doctor Demographics, LLC. He is an expert on site selection and practice promotion strategies for professional practices. Look for his podcast on "The Perfect Place to Put a Practice" on iTunes.

His services are available at