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How a Dental Consultant Can Help Grow Your Practice
By Sally McKenzie, CEO

Many dentists struggle at one point or another during their career, for a variety of different reasons. If you’re struggling now, maybe it’s because patient retention numbers took a nose dive and your production numbers are suffering, or your overhead costs started spiraling out of control and now you can’t afford to invest in the upgrades and equipment your practice needs.

Whatever the problem is, you don’t have to deal with it alone. An experienced dental consultant can help you overcome any challenges you’re facing so you can grow your practice and your bottom line.

I know admitting you need help can be difficult, but oftentimes it’s the best thing you can do for your practice. Trying to do it alone likely won’t get you anywhere, and you might even end up doing more damage to your practice in the process.

If you’re ready to start making positive changes, an experienced dental consultant can help. Here’s how:

They make your days less stressful. Sure, you love your job, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stressful at times. And when a practice is struggling, it leads to extra stress and frustration for both you and your team members. The right dental consultant can help relieve a lot of that stress. The consultant’s job is to identify weaknesses, then work with you and your team members to get your practice back on track. You’ll know your practice is in good hands, which will put your mind at ease so you can focus on what you do best: dentistry.

They know exactly what to look for. While it’s clear your practice is struggling, you likely have no idea why. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and overlook the inefficiencies that are keeping you from meeting your goals. Even if you do step back and really take your practice in, chances are you won’t see every problem that plagues you. Consultants, however, are trained to do exactly that. They see problems you and your team members don’t, then they help you determine how to fix them.

They offer support. This is critical when you’re trying to make positive changes in your practice. Consultants are there to not only identify problems and offer you guidance, but to also cheer you on when you make progress. This will help keep you motivated and working toward your goals.

They’ve been here before. Trust me, your practice isn’t the first to deal with low patient retention rates or lackluster production numbers. Dental consultants see these problems all the time and know the best ways to address them.

Let’s say your case acceptance rates are down, for example. There are many reasons patients opt not to go forward with treatment, from not fully understanding the need for the procedure to simply not knowing how they’re going to pay for it. No matter the cause, a consultant can determine exactly what’s going on pretty quickly and then develop a plan that will get case acceptance rates back to where they should be.

They help prepare your team members for change. Over the years, I’ve found many team members are simply resistant to change, which is understandable. Change can be difficult, especially for those employees who have been with you for years. The problem is, when team members aren’t on board with the enhancements you need to make, it can keep you from moving the practice forward. You need everyone to be excited and ready to do their part to achieve success. A consultant can help with that.

How, you ask? By sitting down with staff members and explaining to them why the changes are necessary, and then answering any questions they have. Of course you’ll want to talk with them as well, but having a consultant reinforce the message will certainly help. And the fact that you’ve invested in a consultant shows you’re serious about growing the practice, which will boost confidence as well as team morale.

Asking for help is never easy. Many dentists would rather handle challenges on their own, but unfortunately, this could lead to more problems down the road. Bringing in a dental consultant to identify practice problems and then work with you to develop a plan to address those problems will lead to much greater success – helping your practice finally meet its full potential.                                  
Sally McKenzie is CEO of McKenzie Management, a nationwide dental management, practice development and educational consulting firm. Working on-site with dentists since 1980, McKenzie Management provides knowledge, guidance and personalized solutions that have propelled thousands of general and specialty practices to realize their potential.

Interested in speaking to Sally about your practice concerns? Email her at or call 1.877.777.6151.

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